An Instagram user, identified as donaccapella has called out a pastor identified as Kassy Chukwu Oritsejafor for decieving his followers with fake testimonies and stolen pictures. According to the IG user, the pastor had posted on his Facebook page;

The Pastor wrote:

I told her last two years that she was going to give birth to triplets and she did, can u congratulate her

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The IG user claims the picture he shared was that of his friend whose aunt had a triplet and was celebrating her therefore he shared a fake testimony. She wrote;

So this pastor felt he needed to fool his followers to validate himself. So i have an Instagram friend @queen_jane_ali. Whom her aunt just gave birth to triplets so she decided to celebrate on Instagram. Only for one fake pastor to carry her picture to his status and saying, i quote “i told her last two years, she is going to give birth to triplets. She gave birth to triplets. etc” this pastor Kassy Chukwu Oritsejafor check his status at the moment on Facebook you will see. Imagine i am a baby Christian now and i see this. God would have lost a soldier!!! It is well. And he is busy celebrating it on status.

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