“Putting `Car For Sale’ sign on moving vehicles is illegal” – VIO

“Putting `Car For Sale’ sign on moving vehicles is illegal” – VIO

The Federal Capital Territory Directorate of Road Traffic Services (VIO), has said pasting “For Sale” sticker on moving vehicles as a way of marketing is illegal and a violation of the law. Mr Kalu Emetu, the directorate’s Public Relations Officer made this known in an interview with NAN in Abuja, on Sunday.

Emetu went on to say that such act was a violation of the FCT Administration’s transportation master plan.

A lot of vehicles had been impounded for violating the law; and warned car owners to use proper channels of marketing their vehicles, he said.

VIO also finds it illegal for any vehicle owner to market their vehicles in unauthorised car marts in the FCT.

Nigerians are advised to take caution and heed to the law as breaking it is purnishable and involves paying fine. With different officials on the road to ensure car owners and road users abide by the law, it is also to remember the 12 things to avoid when a soldier stops your vehicle which we posted about a month ago.

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