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Few days ago, Jeossyjs brought you the gist that CAF (Confederation of Africa Football) President Ahmad Ahmad was released by the French Police(Read Here), he is now being faced with sexual assault.

A public relation consultant from Mali, Mariam Diakite, told The New York Times that she was fired by Ahmad for rejecting his advances.

Diakite, 34 said she had confrontation with Ahmad in a hotel suite during a conference she was hired to organise in Rabat, Morocco in 2017.

She stated that Ahmad informed her he was terminating her appointment because he had informed officials that they were in a romantic relationship, and that it would be a conflict of interest if she carried on working.

Regarding CAF President sexual harassment, Diakite was quoted as saying by The New York Times;

“He (Ahmad) was refusing to let me work because I refused to marry him.”

“When you are a president and you’ve got people whose dreams is to work in football and you say, ‘come to my room and I will give you a job.’ Is that not abuse of power?”

Ahmad in his response to a question from the New York Times about the incident with Diakite labelled her accusation as ‘smears of character.”

“They are lies,” Ahmad told The New York Times.



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