Business Man accuses wife of sleeping around during pregnancy, seeks divorce

ThankGod and Chinyere Chukwu are a couple who brought new dynamics to courtroom divorce drama with stark accusations.
At the grade A Customary court, Ojo, Lagos, where he sought for the formal dissolution of his marriage to the mother of his eight-months-old daughter, ThankGod leveled grave allegations against his wife accusing her of sleeping with other men at the time she was heavily pregnant.

The aggrieved Imo State-born businessman told the court:

“I married Chinyere after a brief courtship. But she started misbehaving soon after. She was disrespectful, stubborn and wicked at same time. Topping it all, I found out that she was deeply engrossed in extra marital affairs.

At first, I took it as mere rumours and speculations, until she infected me with sexually transmitted disease (STD). We went to the doctors and tests were carried out, it was discovered that the virus was from her.

We were treated and life continued. Few months later, she infected me with yet another STD. “Painfully, she was pregnant while doing all her shenanigans.How would a wife I just married and pregnant for with my first child be sleeping around with other men and at same time infecting me with dangerous diseases?” He  cried out.

Although ThankGod claimed he went straight to his in-laws in the village and reported his suspicions, however that didn’t remedy the situation.

“After receiving counseling from my elders who warned me seriously to desist from sleeping with an adulterous woman or die a shameful and mysterious death, I made up my mind to let her go. But unfortunately for me, she was still pregnant for me. So I had to wait for her to deliver before taking another step towards the total dissolution of the young union,” the court heard from him.

However, he did not deny the paternity of their child. “I believe the child is mine and I am also ready to make all provisions for herupbringing and welfare,” he said, but was quick to add: “But I can’t live with Chinyere again.”

Meanwhile, the embattled wife, Chinyere denied all the allegations leveled against her and pointed accusing fingers at her husband as the unfaithful one who has been charmed by one of his mistresses.

“Our case is just the instance of the pot calling the kettle black. My husband is well known in our neighborhood for his illicit affairs with all kinds of women,” she countered.
Going further, she avowed: “He reported me to my people and he was told to come back with concrete evidence against me after I put to bed, but he never did. Now he is accusing me of what I know nothing about. He just wants to destroy me. He married me just for two years, now we are in court for divorce. It is not fair,” she lamented.

After listening to both parties, and all measures of reconciliation employed by the court to no avail, the union was dissolved.

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