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COVID-19: NFF to get large some of money from FIFA for the pandemic

Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) will receive $500,000 (N195m) from the world football governing body FIFA as part of palliative measures put in place for member associations.

The global football apex body has reportedly concluded plans to share about $150 million among 211 member affiliations to help them cushion the effect of the hardship caused by coronavirus.

According to reports, the fund was part of FIFA’s operational funding for 2019 and 2020, and it was initially meant to be paid in July but they have moved it forward to bailout their members.

In a statement they said;

“The pandemic has caused unprecedented challenges for the entire football community and, as the world governing body, it is FIFA’s duty to be there and support the ones that are facing acute needs,” FIFA president Gianni Infantino said on Friday. “This starts by providing immediate financial assistance to our member associations, many of which are experiencing severe financial distress. “This is the first step of a far-reaching financial relief plan we are developing to respond to the emergency across the whole football community. “Together with our stakeholders, we are we assessing the losses and we are working on the most appropriate and effective tools to implement the other stages of this relief plan.”

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