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Here is how Senegal and Madagascar plans to manage COVID-19

Senegal and Madagascar is working on their on approach in the best way to fight COVID-19.

Senegal is being championed for controlling the novel coronavirus. From early-detection mobile kits to 3D-printed ventilators, the West African nation is demonstrating a possible model in curbing COVID-19, relying on their experience of managing the Ebola outbreak.

The testing kit was developed in collaboration with Mologic, a British biotech company. However, the Covid-19 test kits won’t be ready for distribution until June, after necessary testing must have been concluded.

The updates also confirmed that the testing kit can be used at home for a simple test using the saliva or a blood sample of the individual. Similar to how a pregnancy test kit works, a bloodline appears to indicate the presence or absence of the COVID-19 antibody.

While in Madagascar the police have forced citizens caught outside without a coronavirus face mask to sweep pavements as punishment.

The President, Andry Rajoelina has made it compulsory to wear face coverings outdoors in the capital Antananarivo, as well as in the cities of Fianarantsoa and Toamasina, to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Authorities warned that citizens leaving the house without face masks would face community service.

Measures were taken before the sanctions fell into place to raise awareness and distribute mouth covers.

So far  Madagascar has detected 128 cases of coronavirus. No fatalities have been recorded and 75 patients have recovered.

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