Joe biden demands Justice for Ahmuad Arbery after the footage of his murder surfaced online (graphic video)

Joe biden demands Justice for  Ahmuad Arbery  after the footage of his murder surfaced online (graphic video)


The former vice president of the United states of America, Joe Biden has demanded justice for Ahmuad Arbery after the footage of his murder emerged online.


Joe Biden who detested the gruesome killing of the 25-year-old black American,  Ahmuad Arbrey, said his heart  goes out to the family, who deserves justice and deserved it now .


VP, Joe Biden tweeted: “The video is clear: Ahmuad Arbery was killed in cold blood. My heart goes out to his family, who deserve justice and deserve it now. It is time for a swift, full, and transparent investigation into his murder.”


Recall that Ahmuad  was murdered by an ex-policeman and his son in February while he was jogging  on the street, before he was confronted by the ex-policeman and his son which led to his killing.


While interrogating Ahmuad’s killer, Gregory McMichael, he said in a police report that he saw Ahmuad and believed he resembled the suspect in a series of break-ins, and he and his son Travis, armed themselves and pursued him in a pick-up truck.

Gregory McMichael in a police report also indicated that he and his son had said “stop, stop, we want to talk to you” and that Ahmuad had attacked his son then Shots were fired, with Ahmuad falling to the street.


Ahmuad’s mother,  Wanda Cooper Jones , said police had told them sometimes in February that her son had been involved in a burglary before the incident, but the family said they do not believe that keen jogger had committed a crime .


CBS reports, says a number of calls were made to the emergency services around the time of the confrontation. In one 911 call, a neighbour said a black man was seen at a home under construction in the area. When asked what the man was doing, the caller said “running down the street”.

Amuad’s mother  told CBS on Wednesday,  that a vehicle following the pick-up truck shot video of the shooting incident.

She also said,  the video was too painful for her to watch immediately, but that she hoped the video “proves that her son was not committing a crime. He was out for his daily jog and he was hunted down like an animal and killed.”


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The footage showing how Ahmuad Arbery was murdered has  generated so many reactions.

See reations below….

A district attorney in Georgia ruled that a grand jury should decide whether charges should be brought or not.

A decision by a prosecutor in the Brunswick jurisdiction argued there was no probable cause to get Gregory McMichael, 64, and his son Travis, 34 Arrested.

More than 100 people were involved in a protest in Brunswick on Tuesday night, demanding justice for the death of Ahmuad, Saying that Ahmuad was out jogging in the Satilla Shores neighbourhood of Brunswick in Georgia’s Glynn County early in the afternoon on the 23rd of February unarmed.


Lee Merritt, a lawyer for Mr Ahmuad Arbery’s family, said: “This is murder. The series of events captured in this video confirm what all the evidence indicated prior to its release.”

Tom Durden, the district attorney for the Judicial Circuit wrote in a statement, “After careful review of the evidence,I am of the opinion that the case should be presented to the grand jury of Glynn County for consideration of criminal charges.”

Governor Brian Kemp tweeted: “Georgians deserve answers”.

The McMichaels have not been charged and have so far declined to comment, they have not responded to the video.

New York Times said it had obtained a letter in which a prosecutor had earlier argued  that, there was not sufficient probable cause for arrest because the pursuers were legally carrying firearms, were within their rights to follow “a burglary suspect” and were able as private persons to “arrest an offender if the offence is committed in his presence or within his immediate knowledge”.

Mr lee Merritt said to CNN: “The only thing they have ever said is … that Ahmuad stopped by a house that was under construction and he looked through the window. We don’t know if that happened or not, but even if that did happen that is not a felony that would invoke the citizen’s arrest statute that would make this allowable.”

Watch the footage of Ahmuad Arbery below….


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