Mike Tyson shares video of his legitimate boxing comeback

Mike Tyson shares video of  his legitimate boxing comeback


Michael Gerard Tyson, an American boxer, known as Mike Tyson, who competed from 1985 to 2005,  then again in 2020, shared a video of his legitimate boxing  comeback.


The video which is making rounds on social media, Mike Tyson  was seen hitting the mitts with ferocity and speed, sweating heavily and, landing powerful shots that got plenty boxing fans amazed.


The video shows that the former heavyweight champion could actually make a legitimate boxing comeback.


On Monday, Tyson added more gasoline to the fire by releasing a compilation of himself working out intensely and, at the end of the clip, saying, “I’m back.” hours after posting the video, it had accumulated more than 2.7 million views and 50,000 comments.

“Anything is possible when you are smart about it. Train Smart. Recover Smarter.” Mike Tyson wrote as the caption under his instagram post.

Tyson also mentioned a zero-calorie energy drink called Smart Cups, he’s not simply advertising himself and whatever boxing plans he has for the future.

There’s a low possibility that tyson would step into the ring in a prizefighting capacity, despite the traning montage. But, he could participate in some kind of exhibition that could excite the fans and sell some PPVs(Pay-per views) but that wouldn’t tax him much.


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BKFC president David Feldman to Heavy.com, “Obviously, the excitement of seeing Mike’s video showing himself training and desire to participate in exhibitions inspired us to reach out and make the offer.”


Mike Tyson’s training videos have also compelled online sports betting companies to post odds on the chances that Tyson will fight again and the moneylines on his possible opponents, a number of which are Australian rugby players.


An Australian boxing promoter said he will offer $1 million to Tyson to fight in an exhibition, while the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship promotion has upped the stakes to $20 million.

Watch the video below….


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