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Chinese Man Dismembers Wife’s Body and Flushes Her down the toilet




Authorities in China have arrested a man for allegedly killing his wife, dismembering her body and flushing some of her remains down the toilet.

According to a city’s legal authority, Xu Guoli, 55, murdered his partner when she was asleep due to ‘conflicts in family life.’ After killing her, he allegedly dumped part of his wife’s remains in various locations and got rid of her body tissue ‘partially through the toilet at their home in eastern China’s Zhejiang Province.’

Mr. Xu was arrested on Friday, August 7 in the city of Hangzhou on suspicion of intentional homicide, after the Hangzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate, the government organ for legal supervision gave the green light for his arrest on Thursday, August 6.

In a statement, the city’s legal authority said Mr. Xu’s method of crime was cruel, and the nature of his act was ‘evil’.

The statement said Mr. Xu went to the police last month to report that his wife had left home in the middle of the night and ‘mysteriously’ gone missing.

He claimed his spouse had vanished before he woke up on July 5, and added that they had spent a day ‘happily and harmoniously’ with their daughter the day before.

In surveillance footage released by CCTV, Ms. Lai was seen entering the lift with her daughter at around 5 pm on July 4. Two days later, Mr. Xu and his daughter went to the police…….





Chinese Man Dismembers Wife’s Body and Flushes Her down the toilet








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