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Court Awards N50 Million Against Senator Abbo For Assault




The High Court of the Federal Capital Territory has awarded up to N50 million in liability against Elisha Abbo.

The court said Mr. Abbo should pay N50 million to Osimibibra Warmate, the woman he assaulted on camera in March 2019.

The civil judgement came weeks after a magistrate’s court found the senator not guilty of criminal assault.
Two senior members of the legal team who filed the case for
Ms. Warmate confirmed same via Twitter:

Remember that video of a Nigerian Senator slapping/assaulting a young lady at a shop? Well justice was served today with the Court slamming the sum of N50M against the Senator. I am delighted to have represented that young lady in this suit. We say no more to oppression!

Nelson tweeted:

I was a leading member of the team, with @nellymacaroni which filed the Court papers in a civil suit between Ms. Warmate v. Senator Elisha Abbo, for the assault of Ms. Warmate at an adult shop in Abuja. Excited to announce, Court slammed damages of N50m against Senator Abbo today

Court Awards N50 Million Against Senator Abbo For Assault





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