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Texas Man Disguises As A Black Man To Kill His Baby Mama




A white man from Texas has been jailed on a murder charge over killing the mother of his toddler when she was trying to go to work. Carrollton police say Andrew Charles Beard shot Alyssa Burkett in the head and stabbed her multiple times.

Witnesses described the attacker as a black man after the murder happened last week. But police say they found evidence of a fake beard and blackface make-up the suspect may have used as a disguise. Beard’s bond was set at $1 million.

He’s charged with murder. Police say it’s clear this killing was personal. Burkett will not be around to raise her 1-year old daughter, Willow.

The 24-year-old mom was murdered while arriving to work at the Greentree Apartments in Carrolton last Friday morning. Burkett’s family is heartbroken.

“Pretty early on, it was clear to our detectives this was someone who was hunting her. Someone who knew where she was going to be and someone who wanted her dead,” said Carrolton Police Spokesperson Jolene DeVito.


See the Video below:

According to the arrest affidavit, Witnesses told police that as Burkett pulled up to work a man exited a black truck, approached Burkett’s car and fired a gun. She was shot in the head and then stabbed multiple times.

“This was personal,” DeVito said.

Burkett’s family told investigators that Beard and their daughter were in a contentious child-custody battle.




Texas Man Disguises As A Black Man To Kill His Baby Mama






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