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US election: Donald Trump suffers fresh defeat in court
A suit filed by the Trump campaign asking a Georgia court to ensure that state laws were followed on absentee ballots has been dismissed.
The suit was dismissed by the Chatham County Superior Court judge, James Basson on Thursday, November 5, after a roughly one-hour hearing.
The judge, however, did not provide an explanation for his decision.
According to, the Trump campaign had filed the lawsuit against Chatham County over 53 ballots that they had presumed were brought in after election day.
The campaign had requested the court to order that the 53 ballots should not be counted.
Meanwhile, just as the government of the United States (US) feared and anticipated, a case of civil unrest ensued in Arizona state on Wednesday, November 4, as many supporters of President Donald Trump trooped and converged at the Maricopa county recorder’s office.
The pro-Trump voters were claiming that the process of vote-counting in the state is being delayed, implying a suspicious move
According to a report by Fox News, supporters of the incumbent president were heard screaming “Count those votes!” outside the Maricopa office.
US election: Donald Trump suffers fresh defeat in court

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