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Controversial Nigerian author and Pastor, Reno Omokri has caused serious reaction after He said that bride price should only be paid for virgins.

Reno backed up his assertion with Bible quotation in Exodus, while saying that biblically, bride price should only be paid for women who are to be married virgins.

He made the statement on Twitter, as he reveals that in a deeply rooted traditional African society, bride price is meant to be paid for only virgins and not non virgins.

According to Him;

“What I am going to say will shock people. Scripturally, Bride Price is ONLY paid for virgins. Don’t argue with me. Argue with God. See Exodus 22:16-17. By virtue of Scripture (and also in traditional African society), you pay no Bride Price for non virgins. #RenosNuggets #EndSARS”

See His Post Below:




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