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Victoria Inyama Tests Positive For COVID-19
Actress Victoria Inyama has tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently hospitalized.

The actress who resides in the UK shared the news on her Instagram page. She posted a video from her hospital bed as well as her test result. She wrote;

”Gratitude Gratitude Gratitude…thank you @borisjohnsonuk and @mayorofldn for the lockdown………l couldn’t have been more careful with the kids going to school etc…. I would rather go through this than my children

What a Christmas and New Year…,what a 2021
Codvid is a terrible terrible virus ….l can’t even explain…..So exhausting….3weeks and still counting…..thanks to @ldn_ambulance Kent zone…@darent_valley_hospital @tiko4guvnor @drtonero @wonuola.akintola
This too shall pass……”

See video below.

See Her Post below:





Victoria Inyama Tests Positive For COVID-19






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