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John Dumelo Donates Laptop To Needy Medical Student





Ghanaian actor cum politician, John Dumelo has donated a laptop to a student of University of Ghana Medical School to aid him in his studies.

Apparently, John Yao AVu, a level 200 student of the University of Ghana Medical School went viral last year when he appealed for funds to further his education at the Medical School.

He completed Keta Senior High School in 2019 with A1s in all subjects and got admitted to Medical School at the University of Ghana as a fee paying student.

With benevolent support from friends and well-wishers, John Yao Avu was able to raise the needed fees to enrol into Medical school.

“When I was 8-years-old I lost my big sister, 18-years, to heart attack, and a year later I lost a brother and that refuelled my passion, I took up medicine to transform those whose bodies want to fail them,” he told a news agency that reported his story.

Another appeal was subsequently launched by a Twitter user McJordan Dagadjor on behalf of Mr. Yao Avu needing a laptop for his academic works

John Dumelo who has been doing philanthropic work during his political campaign came to the aid of the Yao Avu. He donated a brand new HP laptop.

Sharing photos of his donations, Mr Dumelo wrote:

“Donated a laptop to John Yao Avu of the Ghana Medical School in Korle-Bu today. This is to aid him in his studies. Thanks @MacJordaN for sharing Yao’s story. Together let’s make Ghana a better place. #istilldey4u”



John Dumelo Donates Laptop To Needy Medical Student







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