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Why Actress Ireti Osayemi Dumped Her Husband After 10 Years Of Marriage




The Separation between Nollywood Actress, Ireti Osayemi and her husband Bakka Adeoye after 10 years of marriage was a big surprise to Nigerians.

Ireti and Bakka had been married for 10 years and blessed with two children, however, according to an account by a close friend of Ireti, turn of events did not permit her to still stay in marriage.

It is alleged that Ireti Osayemi’s husband was not giving her the life she was promised even after 10 years of marriage thus she sent herself packing out of their marital home.

Bakky, who also works in the movie industry is a production manager by profession and because jobs don’t come as expected, he and his family run a ‘hand-to-mouth’ lifestyle at home.

The close friend indicated that Ireti stayed in the marriage all these years with the hope that things will improve but unfortunately, things move from bad to worse leaving her with no option to seek a better life.

A close friend who remained anonymous has been quoted as saying that:

“She is a pretty woman and it takes a rich man to keep ladies of her kind.

She has been exposed to wealthy men by virtue of her profession and the lowly life Bakky was thrusting at her didn’t seem enchanting.”


Why Actress Ireti Osayemi Dumped Her Husband After 10 Years Of Marriage






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