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Video As Aunty Ramota Ties The Knot





Popular Nigerian socialite and Lagos-based internet sensation, Aunty Ramota, has reportedly gotten married to her lover, Jay Azeez.

Videos of the small-sized lady in a wedding gown smiling while posing with Jay Azeez has surfaced on social media.

Aunty Ramota as she’s popularly called was seen in a white wedding sitting comfortably and holding a flower.

However, details on where the wedding held wasn’t publicised which left many in confused as to if its a stunt being pulled by the couple.

Sharing the photos on Instagram, Ayzeez wrote;

“Dear fellow married men, pls welcome me to the club, HML to me and my baby.“

In another post, he wrote;

“Love is a beautiful thing. He who found a wife has found a good thing. Thank you all for celebrating with us, we love you all”

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Video As Aunty Ramota Ties The Knot





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