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‘I Show My Boobs To give Women with Saggy Breasts Confidence’ – Abby Zeus





A South African blogger and body positivism activist of Nigerian descent, Abby Chioma Zeus loves to flaunt tantalizingly luscious pictures of her boobs on Instagram without any form of inhibition for reasons best known to her. And when a troll crossed her way recently, calling her a person of low esteem because of the way she shows off her humongous boobs, she let loose her fury.

“ How is that low self-esteem? Sounds like you live within the walls of your own personal shame and low self-esteem. Just because I show my boobs doesn’t mean I don’t respect myself. I have come very far and I love my body very much. Don’t talk about what you don’t understand. I’m a very confident person. I have many reasons for doing what I do,” she fired.

According to her, she’s on a mission to make women embrace their body, especially their boobs and to flaunt it with freedom without fear of condemnation or low self-esteem.

In the campaign she has hashtagged #boobsmovement, she encourages and inspires women and girls to love their breasts no matter how they look, saying, it’s an initiative, an organisation, a movement.

In a recent post she said,

“I pride myself in normalising all types of breasts: big, small, perky, saggy. In doing so, we expose breasts in hopes to break the social norms that are “showing female nipples is nudity”.

We also expose breasts to show other women and girls that no boobs are perfect and that they should not live their lives comparing their chests to others.”


‘I Show My Boobs To give Women with Saggy Breasts Confidence’ – Abby Zeus





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