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Nigerians drag Davido after He replies Meek Mill’s tweet





Nigerians on social media are currently dragging Davido as a they call him a beggar for replying Meek Mill’s tweet on Twitter.

US rapper Meek Mill, on Sunday January 24, tweeted that he wants Twitter users to link him up with a new young Nigerian artiste.

However, because the rapper used the word “artist” in his tweet, Nigerian singer Davido thought he meant a singer.

Davido immediately replied the tweet, as tells Meek to show up so they can collaborate in a song.

Meanwhile, Nigerians are currently dragging him for misunderstandings the tweet, as they call him a beggar while explaining to him that Meek meant a painter and not a singer.

See the tweets below.



See some of the reactions below.




Nigerians drag Davido after He replies Meek Mill’s tweet




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