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A South African woman identified as Sia Johnson Maq Johnson has said that only illiterate and desperate South African women marry Nigerians and men from other African countries.

The woman made the statement after one McDalason Njoku asked South African women married to Nigerians if they would be willing to relocate with their husbands to Nigeria if need be.

Only illiterate South African women marry Nigerians' – South African woman

Sia Johnson wrote:

“I’m smelling slavery lah. As far as I know working Class and financial stable South African Women they don’t have anything to do with “national foreigners” . Beside they rather go for Whites and even settle down in their countries. Only illiterate and desperate women can relocate to any African country where rest Africans running to SA due to economy crisis.” she wrote.

She further said that African foreigners have nothing tangible to offer South African women beside turning them into sex or drugs slaves.

“Those Illiterate Women have cheapened all South African Women over sex. Sometimes we should be realistic and not always praising Shit. African foreigners got nothing tangible to offer beside turning SA women drugs slaves. Or sex slaves.” she added.





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