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Bobrisky Set To Undergo Facial Feminization Surgery





Popular Nigerian Cross-dresser, Bobrisky has revealed his plans to undergo facial feminization surgery, to accomplish his goal of fully being a female.

He at that point shared a photograph of a trans lady and called attention to that it’s difficult to accept the individual used to be male.

Bobrisky said that; this is exactly what he needs for himself after the medical procedure.

He likewise shared another photo of the bill for his medical procedure to show the amount it will cost him to progress.

The strategies on the rundown include: Abdomen and Superior Iliac Crest, bum and bilateral hips, fat cushion…

The all-out expense for all the medical procedures he will have is $33,400. That is right around 14 million Naira.




Bobrisky Set To Undergo Facial Feminization Surgery








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