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with a knife by her course mate and roommate, identified as Nafeesat Yekini.

It was gathered that the unfortunate incident occurred during an argument in their hostel. According to eyewitness who spoke with The Nation, the deceased was rushed to a nearby hospital after she was stabbed. She was however pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

“She was stabbed while fighting with her roommate. She didn’t immediately seek medical help after the stabbing as the two continued their disagreement while Owoade was bleeding.She had lost too much blood before she was rushed to the hospital.
Some people claimed she slumped while still fighting and was whisked to the hospital while others said she was forced to the hospital because of the quantity of blood she lost. But at the end of the day, she didn’t survive the injury. She was declared dead on arrival by the doctor. The police was informed immediately and they came to take her body away,” a source said.

Investigation revealed that the deceased and the suspect were bosom friends and are both from the same hometown.





SOSPOLY Student Stabs Her Bestie To Death During An Argument







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