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Rahama Sadau Blasts A Troll Who Said Only The Likes Of Wizkid Will Marry Her
Beautiful  Kannywood actress who had been under fire some time ago for posting a photo showing her back which resulted into someone making blasphemous comments against islam.
Rahama Sadau today went on Facebook today asking people to disregard a post made by some hausa news media going round on social media that says “she (Rahama) said she is desperately in need of a husband and Anyone who’s ready should come forward”

Rahama described the news as fake and mere lies.

A Facebook user, justice auta yamele under the comment wrote in hausa, the translation:

“Your mother! who on earth is ever going to marry you if not the likes of Wizkid. You Waste of birth, donkey. you’re Cursed”

Wizkid comes into the picture because most Northerners/Muslims see Secular music as immortality, thus, whoever is into secular music is cursed. So he’s literally saying “only cursed and immoral people like her would marry her”

It didn’t go well with Rahama sadau as she fired back through the comment section, and the translation goes:

“Your father! I have someone already, you can come stop him from marrying me. Idiot”

The Facebook user Received backslashes as most northerners weren’t also impressed by what he wrote and condemned him for his insensitive comment.

See the Exchange below:




Rahama Sadau Blasts A Troll Who Said Only The Likes Of Wizkid Will Marry Her





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