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Container Ship Blocks World’s Busiest Shipping Lane, Suez Canal





* 200,000-ton, 1,312ft-long, 175ft-wide cargo ship called the Ever Given has become stuck in the Suez canal.

* The vessel has turned sideways, blocking one of the world’s most vital shipping lanes and causing 100-ship tailback.

* Goods worth an estimated $29billion are currently stuck in the logjam, with another $9.5bn added each day.


Loaded with nearly 20,000 containers, one of the world’s largest
containerr ships has blocked one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes, threatening ‘catastrophic’ delays to global supply chains with workers now in a desperate race against time to free her.

The 1,312ft-long, 175ft-wide, 200,000-ton MV Ever Given drifted across the entire width of the Suez Canal in Egypt around 7.40am Tuesday and became wedged with her bow out of the water against the eastern wall and her stern wedged against the western one.





Container Ship Blocks World’s Busiest Shipping Lane, Suez Canal






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