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Ponzi site Racksterli is back !






Contoversial Ponzi site Racksterli has just announced a return with another scheme.

Recall that Racksterli became inaccessible last month when the site crashed, leaving investors stranded.

Many who watched their capital disappear lamented that they did not make a dime as returns on their investment, even as the owners of the platforms promised to refund them thier initial capitals.

This was not the first time Racksterli would be making a comeback.

Recall that the site suffered a similar fate sometime in 2020.

Using Facebook ads to gain traction, the money doubling scheme which launched in May 2019 collapsed in January 2020 after Flutterwave and Paystack blocked it from accepting payments from subscribers.

Racksterli promised to refund the investors’ capital but was unable to pay all especially those who subscribed in December.

Now in its third coming, Racksterli announced that, “We are back , bigger and better. You can visit our all new improved website to get started.”

The aggrieved investors have, however, showed little concerns for their return as those yet to get a refund chose to prioritise the demand for their capital over a welcome back message.




Ponzi site Racksterli is back!







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