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‘We don’t have a government at the Federal level’- Governor Ortom





An embittered Benue state Governor Samuel Ortom has condemned the killing of seven IDPs in the state.

Speaking at the IDP camp today, April 27, Ortom says the killings were carried out by suspected Fulani herdsmen.

According to him, the incessant killings of Nigerians is because there’s lack of federal government in Nigeria.

”It is an unfortunate development that what is happening, if the Federal government had taken proactive steps, today we would not be where we are.

In the last two weeks, we have buried over 70 persons in this local government alone.

This is an unfortunate development and this is not acceptable. The Federal government has refused to take proactive steps to arrest this ugly situation that we are witnessing.”

He also argued the federal government to arrest the leadership of Miyetti Allah. He added that his administration has been calling on the federal government to address the insecurity crisis but have been denied.

“You will recall that I alerted the entire nation when Fulanis met in Yola and declared that except we repeal the prohibition of the Open grazing law, Benue will not know peace. I was targeted for assassination. That was done on me. It is only God that saved me.

I did say they were going after my people and that the Federal government should arrest the leadership of Miyetti Allah that hosted that meeting. Up till today, nothing has been done. This is really unfortunate. It means we don’t have a government in place at the Federal level. We don’t have a government because if proactive steps were taken by arresting the Miyetti Allah leadership, this will not happen.

For several years we have been calling on the Federal government to take proactive steps to address this matter, they have refused to.” He said.

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‘We don’t have a government at the Federal level’- Governor Ortom




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