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‘Nigeria is no place to raise your kids’ – Ruth Kadiri





Popular Nollywood actress, Ruth Kadiri has given her two cent on Baba Ijesha’s alleged rape case.

Baba Ijesha was accused of molesting comedienne Princess’ foster child 7 years ago and was arrested by the Nigerian police following public outrage.

Reacting to the rape case, actress Ruth Kadiri advise parents to be vigilant and guard their children against pedophilias.

The film producer also stated that there are no laws protecting children in Nigeria. She added that the country is not a safe place to raise children.

In her words,

“In Nigeria, children have no rights, there are no laws guiding them. This is no place to raise your kids. Even the people in power, some of them are pedophiles . Keep your young ones safe. Be guarded”.

See her post below,




‘Nigeria is no place to raise your kids’ – Ruth Kadiri



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