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2 Men Claiming To Be EFCC Operatives With Fake EFCC IDs Caught





A Nigerian Man has revealed on twitter that they caught two men impersonating and claiming to be EFCC operatives with fake identity cards. They were caught in Lekki estate, lagos state.

The twitter user known as Samuel Otigba said they came to the estate faking efcc operatives accompanied with a mopol trying to steal money from citizens. They managed to hold down the two fake operatives while the mopol managed to escape, and the arrested two people have been handled over to the original EFCC.

He said;

Omoooo today is wild. We caught 2 men that came into our estate claiming to be EFCC officials, with fake EFCC ids & accompanied with Mopol, trying to extort money from a resident. One of the fake officers tried escaping by jumping from a 4 storey but fell into the electric fence….


2 Men Claiming To Be EFCC Operatives With Fake EFCC IDs





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