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‘Don’t involve money and s*x in your relationship’ – Reno Omokri


Nigerian controversial writer, Reno Omokri has advised couple not to involve money and sexual intercourse in their relationship.

Using Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet story as example, the former presidential aide said the couple’s story was a true romantic relationship.He also noted that the couple only had intercourse after their secret marriage. Reno on Twitter, advised men not to pester women for sexual intercourse until marriage.

Also, he advised women not to disturb men for money if they truly love them. He tweeted;

“Romeo and Juliet was a true romantic relationship. Money was not involved. They only had intercourse AFTER their secret marriage.

If you love a man, don’t pester him for money. If you love a woman, wait until you marry her before sleeping with her”





‘Don’t involve money and s*x in your relationship’ – Reno Omokri



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