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Wofai Fada “Aunty Sandra” Quits My Flatmates

The comedienne took to her Instagram page to announce to her over 1 million followers that she has made a conscious decision to quit the TV Sitcom.
Wofai Fada who stars alongside veteran comedian Okey Bakassi as his wife on the family sitcom has said that she’s grateful for all the support the fans have shown her over the years. In her words:

Its been such a pleasure to be a member of the flatmates family. My time on the show has come to an end. I am grateful for all the support you have shown to my character ‘Sandra’. I hope this answers all your messages. Love you guys.

Thanks for all your support. Can’t wait to share my new adventures/ up coming projects with you

Wofai Fada "Aunty Sandra" Quits My Flatmates





Wofai Fada “Aunty Sandra” Quits My Flatmates








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