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“I Have The Most Beautiful Sparkling White Eyes” – Nengi Gushes Over Herself

Big Brither Naija reality TV star, and actress, Nengi Rebecca Hampson has praised herself for being so beautiful.
She took to her official Twitter page to talk about her sparkling white eyes.
She tweeted:
“Took these screenshots from my video. Mahn I’ve got the most beautiful, sparkling white eyes. Underrated much. ”
See her Post below:
See Some of the Comments below:
Aww babe. You’re doing well I see. Yes you have extremely beautiful and charming eyes. We missed you but we know Nigeria is going through a lot and the twitter ban isn’t helping. Be safe. Do your best and have a good evening love. #KeepitOn
Eye companies I don’t know what you call your selves but you need to sign these eyes
Beyond the physical, it’s what inside your mind and your heart that I love so much boo, you’re so beautiful inside and out 😍😍
@nengiofficial tell us the truth nwanyi oma…. Is that your real face or I should mind my business?…… I am just asking an innocent kwession ooo!!! Maka ndi “Getat” me I no come Twitter to come fight ooo
Nengi when I saw you at Ghana Airport l die and resurrected oo 😭😭😭 your skin, ur eye 😢😢😢and your beauty OMG 🙏 😭😭😭 I will never forgive you cus you made me not eat that whole day , your beauty made me full 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I wish you are here in Ghana 😭😭😭
“I Have The Most Beautiful Sparkling White Eyes” – Nengi Gushes Over Herself



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