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34 year old Nigerian man kills wife, mother-in law and himself



A Nigerian man reportedly attacked and killed his estranged wife and in-laws in Douglasville, Georgia, United state.

34 year old Udoamaka Nwamu, stormed his in-law’s home on Long Lake Drive in Douglasville, where his recently separated 24 year old wife, Kaliyah Nwamu, was living.

The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office received 911 calls after Udoamaka fired a handgun into both the front and back of the home.

Upon arrival at the neighborhood, the police heard a gunfire from inside the home from Udoamaka and the deputies took cover while the Sheriff’s Emergency Response Team and a trained hostage negotiator responded.


Unfortunately, during the course of the negotiations with Udoamaka a single gunshot was heard and the S.E.R.T team immediately entered the home but found the body of Udoamaka’s wife and mother in-law.

The police also discovered that Udoamaka committed suicide as his body was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.




34 year old Nigerian man kills wife, mother-in law and himself





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