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Adesanya beats Vettori to retain UFC 263 middleweight title



Nigeria’s Israel Adesanya has defeated hard fighting Marvin Vettori for the second time in as many tries to maintain his top position in the middleweight division.

Adesanya’s fight on Sunday ended by a unanimous decision after he edged the Italian (21-1).

Sports Illustrated reported that it was a striking clinic by Adesanya, and though Vettori (17-5-1) was able to score take-downs, he could not capitalize.

Ten minutes into the fight, the Nigerian succeeded in wearing out his opponent pummeling his right leg and pounding him with leg kicks.

A fatigued Vettori failed to adjust and Adesanya’s low calf kick proved vicious.

Although the Italian attempted to use a similar game plan deployed by Jan Blachowicz against Adesanya, he just doesn’t have the size or strength.

A rather impressive moment occurred during the fourth round, as Adesanya flipped a Vettori takedown. As the fight progressed, this was a clinic by Adesanya, who showed how much he has evolved as a fighter. And he re-enters the win column, clearly defeating a talented opponent in Vettori.




Adesanya beats Vettori to retain UFC 263 middleweight title





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