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Bayelsa state Governor, Duoye Diri, has reacted to President Buhari’s directive for grazing routes to be reactivated across the country.

In a recent interview, the President Buhari who reactivating of the grazing route will help curb herders and farmers crisis.

In a media chat on Saturday June 12, Diri said that there are no grazing routes to be revived in Bayelsa state as its people are predominantly fishermen.

He said;

“For us, there are no cattle grazing routes in Bayelsa State.

“Our people are traditionally and occupationally fishermen. The idea of cattle grazing routes in Bayelsa is very strange to us in this part of the country.

“There may be cattle grazing routes in the North but what is applicable in the North may not be applicable to us in the South.

“I don’t want to believe we are running a unitary system of government.”

He also disclosed that his administration has place a legal framework to ban open grazing and movement of cattle on foot in the state.





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