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Erica and Wathoni reconcile during BBNaija reunion Show




Former BBNaija housemate, Erica and Wathoni have reconciled during the BBNaija Reunion show on Monday night.

The pair exchanged hugs as they put away their differences.

Erica had earlier complained she felt a negative energy from Wathoni after the house.

According to her, Wathoni had issues with her because of Kidd and kept talking about their intimacy during her interviews.

Erica said:

“Wathoni had always had an issue with me right from the house. After the house I noticed she kept talking about Kidd and I in bed rather than promoting herself.

“That made me distance myself from her and I got energy vibes from her and stayed away.”

However after they argued for a while, Wathoni apologized and they hugged each other.





Erica and Wathoni reconcile during BBNaija reunion Show





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