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Fr Mbaka reveals those who sold out Nnamdi Kanu





Rev. Fr Ejike Mbaka, has pointed fingers at unnamed Governors over the re-arrest of leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu.

Kanu, who was brought to court on Tuesday for the continuation of his trial shortly after he was intercepted by security operations, sought the permission of Justice Binta Nyako to address the court and present his side of the story.

He then told the court that his house was unlawfully invaded by security men with his life seriously threatened.

The self-acclaimed Biafran leader further alleged that he would have been killed along with others on the day of the invasion, if not for the wisdom he applied to jump out of the country.

Mbaka, during his weekly Wednesday ministration, speaking on the rearrest didn’t mention any Governor or directly mention Kanu throughout the message.

However, it was very obvious he was making reference to the IPOB leader and his latest travails, as well as Southeast Governors.

He said:

“Don’t sell your sons and daughters because of political promise that you are not even sure will materialise tomorrow.

“Don’t sell your son because you are governors today! Live and let live.

“Let the leaders listen. The solution is not in arrest and handcuff, the solution is in job creation!

“Leaders beware! Their(leaders’) stubbornness will collapse this country one day. If care is not taken, it will happen like an earthquake!

“Even if you arrest 100 people, it will not stop the agitation. If anything, it will worsen the situation,” he warned.



Fr Mbaka reveals those who sold out Nnamdi Kanu





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