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‘Kidnappers Have Married Off Our Daughters’ – Parents Of Kebbi Students Laments





Parents of the schoolgirls abducted from the Federal Girls’ College Yawuri, Kebbi State, have raised an alarm over the claim of the kidnappers that their daughters have been married off.

According to the children’s parents, the kidnappers are sending them video footage showing that their daughters are already married and from time to time calling them to talk to their children.

It has been almost two weeks since the students were abducted while in school.

One of the students’ parents told the BBC that every time they called their captors, they would tell them that their children were safe.

However, he said the kidnappers were informing them that they did not want a compromise with them but the Government.

“Sometimes they call and give the phone to our daughters to talk to us. If your child has your number then they will call and talk to you, But I have never spoken with my daughter since the time they were abducted,” he said.

He added that since the abduction, only 10 children have been called by their parents to speak to the students.

He said the parents of the students held a meeting where they went to the Kebbi State Government, “the Governor expressed his concern and said action would be taken, today is about two weeks but we have not heard anything”.

He added that they were in a state of panic as the Eid was approaching, “everyone’s house is happy, but our homes are in a state of anxiety and sadness”.

He also called on the Government to help rescue their children from their captors.

Kidnappings continue to be a major threat in Nigeria with statistics showing that more than 1,000 students and their teachers have been abducted in various attacks on their schools across northern Nigeria since last December.




‘Kidnappers Have Married Off Our Daughters’ – Parents Of Kebbi Students Laments





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