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‘Ataga Usifo Was Not In A Happy Marriage’ – Chidinma Ojukwu (Video)





21-year-old murder suspect, Chidinma Ojukwu has given shocking personal details about her late sugar daddy, Super TV CEO, Michael Ataga whom she stabbed to death.

According to her, the Super TV CEO was not in a happy marriage and was having issues with his wife at the time they met.

Chidinma in an interview with Crime Fighters described the deceased as someone who gets angry easily and was always busy.

In the interview, Chidinma who is currently in police custody over the murder of the media expert debunked reports that she had N10M in her bank account. She disclosed that she has about N400-500k which was money she made from selling a laptop which the deceased gave her.

Speaking on why she rented a shortlet for their time out where the incident took place, she stated that it was on the request of the deceased as he insisted that it wouldn’t be fun staying in a hotel.

Watch the video below,





‘Ataga Usifo Was Not In A Happy Marriage’ – Chidinma Ojukwu (Video)




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