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Ghanaian lady reveals How She slept with her ‘son’(Video)


A Ghanaian lady identified as Bernice Nketiah Hammond has opened up on how she once slept with her ‘son’ due to her addiction to sex.

Speaking in an interview with media personality, Arnold Elavanyo, the lady who is obviously a sex freak shared with viewers her lesbianism escapades which sometimes involved a threesome and orgy. She also revealed that she had sex with her son.

Benny suggested she was a sex addict to the extent when she dragged herself out of lesbianism and started going out with a man, she still used vibrators even when her man was around.

On sleeping with her son, the young lady said when she saw how big his manhood is, she decided to sleep with him and she enjoyed every bit of it.

Well, to burst your bubble the young man in question is not her biological son but her school son while admitting that she is far older than him.




Ghanaian lady reveals How She slept with her ‘son’(Video)




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